Head of Department’s Message


Turkish Language and Literature Department, at the end of four years of education, aims to educate individuals who speak Turkish correctly and well, can express their thoughts and feelings effectively, are concerned with and aware of where Turkish is spoken vast geography and cultural changes in these regions, can evaluate with comparative approaches, and whom awareness and cultural responsibilities are advanced.

The programs of department, enriched with elective courses, carried out in the past to the present have been prepared in order to transfer information of Turkish Language and Literature, to recognize theoretical approaches on literary and linguistic used in the world. It is aimed in this program to raise young people who can produce project on issues of language and literature by thinking that they can benefit from technology when Turkish dialects and Turkish world literatures, contemporary literature, writers and orientation in the world of literature are taught.

Our graduates who have capabilities for telling about our literary and cultural presence take active roles on studies associated with these fields. They could be teaches in private and public schools after taking pedogogical proficiency.

Our graduates who can tell, inside and outside the country, our literary and cultural existence take active role in efforts in this direction. By taking pedagogical training licence they can be teacher in private and public schools, besides with Master and PhD programs, they take the lead to academic life. As well as their researcher identity our graduates who they are trained with literaty pleasure and criticism capacity can work as Turkish language instructor, for foreign Turkish language teacher, text translator, proofreader, editor, text writer, culture and art consultant and researchers in archives and libraries.

We allow our students to eduaction in various Universities outside country during the undergraduate education by student exchange program.

Within four years of education our expectation from our students, we try to teach them information resources and how they use this resources and we regard them as architects of the future culture, is  think, to query and to train future generations by developing their creative abilities as individuals who will open new horizons.

Prof. Dr. Gülşen SEYHAN ALIŞIK

Head of Department

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