Our graduated students can teach at secondary education establishments, high schools, private schools and prep schools which are dependent on Ministry of National Education. Apart from these, they can continue their academic life as an academic member or a lecturer of Turkish language at universities.  In addition, they can work at the Ministry of Culture, TRT, media organs, publishing houses, different ministries, institutions of education and culture in abroad, and archives.

Some classes which are being taught at the department

Ottoman Turkish

Turkish Grammar

The History of Classical Turkish Literature

The History of Modern Turkish Literature

Turkish Folk Literature

Old Turkic-Uyghur- Karahanid-Khawarezmian Turkic Dialects

Turkish Poetry in Republican Era

The History of Turkish Drama

Play and Scenario Writing

Turkish Novel in Republican Era

Text Analysis

Contemporary Turkic Dialects (Uzbek-Kazak-Kirgiz)

Oral and Written Composition

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