Department of Turkish Language and Literature

Turkish Language and Literature Department is one of the three departments which have located in the Faculty of Art and Science that started education at 8 November 1982. The first Dean of Faculty as established Dean Prof. Dr. Hakkı Dursun YILDIZ invited two guests and department started education with 50 students. Now, Department continues its activities on the first floor of Faculty of Arts and Sciences building Block A, since its moving from temporary building in Fındıkzade to Goztepe Campus under the leadership of Prof.Dr.Mehmet AKALIN in 1989-1990.  The first graduates of the Department of Turkish Language and Literature had 100% success rate in the teacher competency exams previously made by the Ministry of Education. This success continued later and had access to employment for the students in many areas easily particularly in the press education and training sector.

The purpose of Department is to teach historical periods, new ages and present times of Turkish language and literature also to train students who know language and literature well, avoid having random speaking and quick writing bring, follows all developments, publications and panels related to the field.

One of the purposes is also to make Marmara University Department of Turkish Language and Literature an international Turcology Center by student exchanges to increase communication with researchers of this field around the world.



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